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I'm Trish! I'm a certified Holistic Health Coach (IIN) with a Masters degree in Religious Studies (CSULB). I am passionate about simplifying health for women who are stressed out, run down, and looking for sustainable and life long changes to have the life they want and deserve. I know all too well how hard it is to achieve what you want in life, let alone just enjoy the day to day experience. Especially, when you're mentally and physically exhausted and trying to practice all the health tips on Tik Tok leaves you overwhelmed and spinning your wheels. Through years of research I found tools and techniques backed by science and rooted in Positive Psychology that transformed my life from one filled with untamable self-doubt and fear, no hope of having enough energy to start a family, and a broken body that I couldn't understand to a life full of self-confidence, joy, people who I adore, and a body that can do everything I dreamed of and so much more. As a Holistic Health Coach I look at all aspects of a person's life from nutrition, exercise, career, and spirituality to name a few. True health is more than what we eat or how we look and what's happening in one area of our life impacts all the others. I help identify patterns and connections and provide education and practical tools and techniques to address all areas to make impactful and lasting changes.
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